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Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge 2023

by Faith

Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge 2023 is currently ongoing. The Youth Design Challenge (YDC) is a free, hands-on, project-based learning experience that provides classroom and informal educators with a new framework to introduce biomimicry and an interdisciplinary approach to science and environmental literacy.

Working in teams with an adult coach, students explore the wonders of the natural world and apply what they learn to create innovations that support a healthier planet.

What Will Your Team Do?

  • Your team will take on the role of innovators and work together to apply biomimicry (nature-inspired innovation) to address a social and/or environmental issue related to a chosen Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). Suggestion: work on an issue that affects your local community!
  • As a coach, you will guide your students as they study how organisms in nature have adapted to similar problems and challenges and apply what they learn to innovative solutions. Final projects can then be entered into the nationwide competition for prizes awarded by the Biomimicry Institute.

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Benefits of Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge

Entries to the competition are judged once annually and prizes are awarded in two grade level categories: middle school (6th-8th) and high school (9th-12th). There will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place awards for National teams. International submissions will compete for Honorable Mention.

Projects selected for awards will receive:

  • Recognition on the Youth Design Challenge website, on the Biomimicry Institute website, and in media and outreach.
  • An Award Certificate for each member of the winning team

Requirements for Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge Qualification

  • The Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge is a team competition for students in middle school (grades 6-8) and high school (grades 9-12).
  • A team consists of a pair of students or a group of up to either students and one to two adult coaches affiliated with a school, education organization, or homeschool.

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Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge Selection Process

Coaches are asked to participate in the judging process during a preliminary review period in which they will rate a selection of student entries against the rubric. Award winners are then selected by a panel of expert judges from among the top-scoring entries.

Application Deadline

March 28, 2023

How to Apply Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge 2023

Interested and qualified? Go to Biomimicry Institute Youth Design Challenge on youthchallenge.biomimicry.org to apply

Entries are submitted online and include the following elements:

  • Written project overview
  • Project image
  • Video pitch
  • Project portfolio
  • Team photo

About Biomimicry Institute.

The Biomimicry Institute is a non-profit organization based in Missoula, Montana in the United States.Its goal is to help innovators learn from nature in order to design sustainable products, processes, and policies in response to real-world problems.The Biomimicry Institute has become a key communicator in the field of biomimetics, connecting 12,576 member practitioners and organizations in 36 regional networks and 21 countries as of 2020.The Biomimicry Institute was founded in 2006 by Bryony Schwan, Dayna Baumeister and Janine Benyus.

For more details,visit Biomimicry Institute website

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