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Ghent University is Offering PhD Scholarships to Students from Developing Countries

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Ghent University PhD Scholarships: Ghent University in Sweden is offering a special research fund for international students from developing countries to pursue doctoral studies in 2023.

All Ph.D.-level programmes in the fields covered by the university’s curriculum are included.

With the help of this fund, talented students from developing nations will be funded by Ghent University. The university will finance the part of the research that will be carried out in Ghent (24 months), while the candidate must have full-time funding for the other 24 months of research to be carried out in the South of Belgium.

Ghent University PhD Scholarships Eligibility Criteria.

The scholarship opportunity is open to candidates from some select developing, including Nigeria.

  • The candidate, a supervisor (promoter) at Ghent University, and a supervisor at the partner university (South) must submit the proposals jointly. Although there are no restrictions on the subject matter, development-related topics will be given preference.
  • Only degree-seeking students—those who plan to pursue a (joint) PhD at Ghent University may apply. Students from other countries cannot apply for this scholarship
  • Ghent university encourages female researchers to apply for the scholarship which is why a Ghent University supervisor can support a maximum of two candidates per call on condition they are of a different gender.

How to Apply for Ghent University PhD Scholarships from Developing Countries.

Application forms must be submitted (in English) electronically via e-mail to BOFapplication@ugent.be. Alongside the application form, the Ghent University supervisor must also submit the following 2 documents:

  • The supervisor’s opinion on the capability of the candidate as a future researcher.
  • An ethical and biosafety context of the proposed research project

Applications can be made here. Note that the deadline for the scholarship is the 2nd of Feb 2023.

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