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How To Add Animations To PowerPoint Slide Show

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How To Add Animations To PowerPoint Slide Show: PowerPoint is a full presentation package used for seminar and project presentations.

It is also a tool used mainly for advertisement of goods and services, presentation of ideas, agenda, memo and lot more.


How To Add Animations To PowerPoint Slide Show.

Animations are human like attributes given to texts, objects, graphics and images to make it appear differently.

Every other package of the computer system are very different from PowerPoint, effects of movement on text, object or even graphics can only be done on PowerPoint.

What Is An Animation.

Animation is one of the working menu in PowerPoint which is used to manipulate texts, objects, graphics and images to appear as moving images.

The animating menu is located at the top side of the opened window.

Check out the screenshot for a better view.

How To Add Animations To PowerPoint Slide Show.

How To Add Animations To PowerPoint Slide Show.

The animation menu has lots of effects that can be changed from time to time. This effects include;

  1. More Entrance Effects
  2. More Emphasis Effects
  3. More Exit Effects and
  4. More Motion Paths

This simply means that after selecting an animation effect for your text, you can add more effects from the extra effects seen on the drop down list.

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How To Add Animation Effect.

First of all open PowerPoint window, then click on the animation menu that is placed at the topmost part of the application.

Then click on the animation menu and select your desired effect to be added on the typed object or drawn objects.

Once a selected effect has been added to texts, objects or graphics, there will be a moving effect on it.

Frequently Asked Questions;

How do I change an animation effect?
Answer: Did you choose an effect that you later found out wasn’t that fitting?
Worry not because you can always change an effect as many times as you wish. What you have to do is just pick another effect and make a preview out of it to see if it works better.

Why can’t I find some effect in my PowerPoint?

Answer: Most effects are added on advanced Microsoft versions. So if you have an outdated version of PowerPoint, you have to update to a recent version.
Update of version is usually done on yearly basis. so you can update to the current year’s version.

What is the latest version of Microsoft PowerPoint?

Answer: The latest versions of Microsoft PowerPoint are always found in google play store and also in Microsoft Office Store.

What is the difference between animation and transition?

Answer: Transitions are effect added to the entire side while animations are effects added to the texts, objects, graphics and images in a slide.

How can i create videos on PowerPoint?

Answer: Creation of videos are very easy on PowerPoint as it is the best tool for advertisement.
To create a video, you have to make out your slides first, then save and export to video. Give it some minutes or probably hours depends on how large your slide show is.
Allow it convert to video successfully before playing and watching as video.

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