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How To Change Instagram Email Address

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How To Change Instagram Email Address : Instagram is one of the best social media platform that make advertisement easy.

It is a social handle that enables post such as articles, messages, pictures, videos, memes and lot more.

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How To Change Instagram Email Address.

When creating or signing up for Instagram, the first stage requires your contact details which include, telephone number, email address and probably any related social handle.

The need is for securing your account and also receiving codes to access your account in case of new device sign in.

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Of cause  your details have been saved to the account you have created. What if you loose your phone and SIM welcome back is seeming difficult.

If you can’t access to the mail registered to your Instagram account, there is room to change it to another one at ease.

Steps On How To Change Instagram Email Address.

  1.  Login to Instagram using any safe device
  2. Ensure the details submitted are correct.
  3. Click on log in.
  4. Go to settings which is directly under your display profile.
  5. Click on ‘Edit Profile’.

Scroll down to where you have the previous email on the account. The screenshot below will give you a better understanding.

How To Change Instagram Email Address

How To Change Instagram Email Address

Erase the previous email address and type the active mail. Then click the ‘Confirm’ button. You can also do the same thing for the phone number if need be.

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