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How To Convert Files To Portable Document Format

by Faith

How To Convert Files To Portable Document Format: PDF files are protected files that can not be easily edited as the ones typed on Microsoft word.

The portable document format is formally know as PDF in most offices. Most website prefer an upload of document as PDF instead of pictures or in word format.

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How To Convert Files To Portable Document Format.

Do you still have difficulty in changing a file format from a different one into PDF? Worry not, this article bears all you need to know about it.

There are about a thousand ways to convert files into different formats.

How To Convert Files To PDF:

I will talk about typing a new file, editing and then converting it into PDF.

To convert files to portable document format, assuming you are typing on Microsoft word and the required format to save that document is to portable document format, there are about three different ways to do that.

In completion of the typing, go to the file menu and click on the ‘Save As’ option, look below the set of instructions that appears thereof, select the box for file type and change to PDF.

Another method is pressing the functional keys F12, this will also display a good number of options to select and change the file type to PDF.

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Lastly, after typing your text, go to the file menu which is also known as the office button, select the publish to PDF.

With all these steps, you can wait till the file has been successfully changed to the portable document format you wish to convert to.

Secondly, If you already have the work typed on a different time or date, you can easily open it via the open recent files, then click on the ‘Save As’ option then change the format under the under-listed options to PDF form.

If it were to be an image, you have to open Microsoft word then insert the image from the ‘Insert Menu’. Then click on ‘Save As’ to change the file type.

The same way it has been explained in the first instance.

There are different methods for various type of application. Corel Draw has its own pattern for conversion of graphics to portable document format.

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Other Steps on How To Convert Files To PDF

You may know that CoreDraw is a desktop software which can be used effectively on Laptop and Desktop. To be able to send or view  your designs easily from CorelDraw, you have to change the file type. Else, you won’t see anything after coping to your phone.

To change the file format or convert the file to portable document format, go to the office or file menu, the publish to PDF is placed almost at the end of all other options listed on the File menu.

Select it and allow your graphic to change into PDF. With this you can share to any one and also have a view of it in your phone.

Another method is to use the shortcut key which is by pressing down the Control key plus E key. It should be in this function (Ctrl+E).

Our next article will be about how to edit a portable document format if you eventually convert it.

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