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How To Edit Portable Document Format – PDF

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How To Edit Portable Document Format – PDF: PDF files are protected files that can not be easily edited as the ones typed on Microsoft word.

The portable document format is formally know as PDF in most offices. These format of document are converted after being typed on Microsoft Word or any other office application.

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How To Edit Portable Document Format.

You can check the recommended article at the top of this section for guides on how to how to convert files to portable document format (PDF).

If you have a document already published to PDF, and the need to edit that document arise, there are different methods you can use to edit that document easily without stress.

This article bears all the methods for portable document format editing.

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Steps On How To Edit PDF.

Step One:

Download the file if it is from online, if you have it saved in the system, just right click on the document. Set of instructions appears by the right hand side for you to select.

Select the option which says ‘open with’. Then choose to open it with either Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access or even Corel Draw.

After selecting the suitable application to edit the already converted PDF, Exercise some minutes for the document to load and convert to a normal editable version of it.

Then you can go ahead to add or subtract from the document as it will be editable.

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Step Two:

If the document you have does not contain table or its form, you can open the document and press the control key plus A, to select all the text.

After selecting your text, copy with the control key plus C, then open Microsoft word and paste the text with the key combination of control and V. Better still you can use the right click option as well.

Step Three:

Open corel draw, go to the file/office button which is at the top right side of the page view, click on the import option, then select your portable document format. This opens with corel and becomes editable.

Step Four:

Minimize the view of the window you want to open with, then select the file location and drag the document into the new window which is supposed to edit it.

Allow the document to load and open in an editable format. Then you can have access to your formerly protected document for editing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I compress PDF files into smaller sizes?

Answer: Of cause you can, if it can be edited, it can also be compressed to a suitable size for specific reasons.

There is an article with details on how to compress PDF files. Follow this link to acquire more knowledge How To Resize Or Compress Documents

How do I copy PDF files?

Answer: There are no two ways about copying files on the system. The same method used in copying data into the system remains same with the protected document format.

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