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How To Look Presentable For An Interview

by Faith

How To Look Presentable For An Interview: An interview is a conversation between two participants.

It is a structured conversation that allows a participant to question the other person known as the interviewee.

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How To Look Presentable For An Interview.

Trust me, when you apply for a job and you were called to seat for an interview, you may feel more tensed than you can imagine.

Why? If you ask. Questions such as; who will be my interviewer? how will the person see me? What if the person dislike me by first appearance.

That is why you got this article. Below are the basic things you have to do to look presentable for an interview.

What To Do To Look Presentable For An Interview.

There is difference between being a nice person and looking nice. If you are called for an interview, the first response you give to the interviewer tells how good you can be for that job. This means, your response, manner of reproach matters.

What Do I Put On For An Interview?

Heading out for an interview is different from partying or clubbing. You have to look as simple as you can, for the women most especially, look natural. I mean less of artificial make overs.

Choose plain colours of clothes. Matching trousers/skirts to  shirts or tops. Fitting gowns not body hug gowns. This sends a message to your interviewer too.

Your hair do should not be over styled as well.

How To Greet Your Interviewer.

All languages must be formal at the place of interview. Your salutation must be brief, you don’t go about asking after the interviewer’s family, neighbours and friends. This makes you look cheap to talks.

You may say Good morning sir/ma, depending on the time of schedule for the interview. Do not sit until you are offered one, if you do, you portray the habit of being too forward.

How To Respond To Questions In An Interview.

Your duty is just to respond to the questions asked by the interviewer. Always allow your questioner to finish his/her lines, Take a deep breath to digest the question. Then give a suitable response. You may also start with the formal identification statement of saying ‘Sir’ before you complete your response.

In your responses, add your work experience and your height of knowledge about the work you’re looking forward to be employed to.

When the conversation is over, remember to take pleasantries like, have a nice working day sir/ma.

More Grace!

Frequently Asked Questions;

Do every job require an interview?

Answer: Yes, of cause. This is because your employee get to know you before you can work with the company or organization.

Interview lets you understand the environment and the kind of job you will be required to do. You also get to know about your expected salary during the interview section.

How long should my response be in an interview?

Answer: Talking as if you are writing an essay may lead to disqualification. So you have to make every response simply as you can.

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