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How To Monetize Instagram Account

by Faith

How To Monetize Instagram Account: You may have an Instagram account without knowing its worth and benefits.

This article list out different methods you can monetize your Instagram account at ease and without restrictions.

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How To Monetize Instagram Account.

Just as Facebook has market place for buying, selling, renting, gifting and exchange of items for business purposes.

Are you bored of just viewing posts and also posting for just views and likes on daily basis? Here is the best thing you can think of to do with your Instagram account.

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Easy Method To Monetize Instagram Account.

If you already have an Instagram account, you can convert the account to a business account or you sign up for an Instagram business account on https://business.instagram.com/.

Your Instagram account have to be in terms with the META terms and conditions first. After a successful login, click on ‘Goals’, other options such as;

  • Create a business
  • Get a personified marketing plan
  • Create successful posts
  • Advertise on Instagram
  • Boost my posts
  • Set up a shop on Instagram
  • Develop the right Instagram Strategy
  • Optimize your shop

You have so many choices to make here. After you make your decision, pick one of the options above then carefully go through the requirements and fill appropriately.

If this is successful,  you can go on with your adverts by adding images or videos of what you sell, lease or rent to the public.

On the long run, having lots of followers is highly recommended. So you have to make your adverts very attractive and beneficial to the society and world at large.

With this you can monetize your Instagram account.

Frequently Asked Question;

How can I access my Instagram account with my smart phone?

Answer: Download the application to your phone, either the lite version or the main app.  Then click on the sign in button. Which provides you the column of username and password to be filled.

Ensure that the information provided is correct, then click the login button. Your account will be available for you.

If you are yet to have an account on Instagram, signing up is the best option.

How do I edit my post on Instagram?

Answer: Made a mistake on a previous post or you feel like adding something vital to a previous post? Press hold on the post, click on the three buttons that appear by the post.

Options such as edit, delete, share etc. will be given. Then you click on the edit option and add the new information or delete an unwanted text.

How can I change my username on Instagram?

Answer: Go to where you have your display profile, click on settings, then select edit profile option. You get to see username details.

Click on change username. Immediately you will be required to put your password for confirmation before it can be done.

Once this is done, changing of the username becomes easy.

How can I delete my Instagram account?

Answer: Have multiple accounts or not a valid account, you can easily do away with the unwanted account.

Go to your profile, select the privacy option.  Options like delete account, delete account, account deactivation etc. Once you click on the delete account, you will be asked to put in your password for confirmation before the account can be deleted.

How can I change my Instagram account to a business account?

Answer: Google https://business.instagram.com/. proceed to create a business account.

How do I increase the rate of my advertisement on Instagram?

Answer: Having lots of followers and following many people on Instagram increases the interest rate on your adverts.

How do I get more followers on Instagram?

Answer: If your account have valuable contents, people around the globe will get to see your account information.

Having a good number of contacts on your phone-book will enable Instagram to suggest more followers for you.

How can I increase the likes on my post on Instagram?

Answer: After making good posts, you can share to different Instagram accounts for more views. Also, if you have many followers, this will lead to increase of likes too.

What can I sell on Instagram?

Answer: Instagram is a world wide app which have restrictions for bad contents and implicating pictures.

With this, you have the option to sell what can be accepted by the privacy permission of Instagram.

How can I edit my birth date on Instagram?

Answer: Login to your Instagram account, go to your display profile and click on settings. Then select the edit profile option.

Click on your previous birth date and change to the new date.

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