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How To Use GTCO Bank Mobile App

by Faith

How To Use GTCO Bank Mobile App: GTCO is formerly known as GT Bank. This is a commercial bank that enables currency transactions.

GTCO mobile app was created to aid transactions for her customers. This article carries all the details you need on how to use the bank’s mobile application.

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How To Use GTCO Bank Mobile App.

Do you always run to bank for any kind of transaction? You need not to worry as the bank has provided a mobile application which is very durable and reliable for her customers.

The mobile application is available for all type of phones in goggle play store  for downloads.

Note: Only persons with account information with GTCO Bank can download and use the application effectively for all transactions.

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How To Download GTCO Bank Mobile App.

Firstly, you must have a google account in order to have access to available applications online. Then go to google Playstore, after a successful login, use the search bar to search for GTCO mobile app.

There will be a display of all sizes available to suit your mobile phone. All you have to do is to download the size your phone can carry and work without unwanted closure.

How To Login To GTCO Bank Mobile App.

After a successful download from google playstore, the next step is to login. Click on the sign up button and supply the required details. You will be asked to supply your account details, then later, you will be referred to your email for further verification.

There you get a one time password formally call O.T.P. Then a ‘User Id’ will be sent via the registered email. You can copy or write out to paste on the just downloaded mobile app to login.

You will choose a password, this can be different from your ATM pin. This is known as your mobile transfer pin which will be used for all transactions online.

GTBank Mobile App Registration.

Logged in? Now you can make money transfers, check your account balance without charges, request for bank statement starting from any given dated of your choice e.t.c.

Before any transaction conclusion, you must agree in confirmation of you being aware of the transaction by typing in your GTCO mobile app pin.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get GTbank mobile app online?
Answer: Yes, of cause. You don’t have to visit the banking hall to get the application downloaded to your phone.
Above are steps to download, activate and use the mobile application effectively.

Can I receive OTP through mail?

Answer: Sure, you can. This is possible when you only have email as the option for texting while creating your bank account.

Does OTP expire?

Answer: Yes it does. OTP is valid for just few minutes of confirmation by the recipient. You can not use same OTP for a different transaction.

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