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Npower Work Nation Portal : Test, Eligibility & How to Register

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Npower Work Nation Portal 2022 is now open. Candidates should login to Npower work nation test portal to write the assessment test for stream 1 Npower beneficiaries. The Work Nation programme is necessary to enable you to be qualified for the Npower Exit Package.

Login to NASIMS portal to assess your Npower work nation test questions. We will provide further details on what Npower Work Nation Eligibility assessment test is all about and how Npower stream 1 beneficiaries can login to the Work nation portal.

Batch C1 Npower candidates have been duly notified to login to Npower work nation portal and begin writing their test ahead of the Npower Exit programme coming up to grant them access to more opportunities after the Npower programme.

Please take note, whether you pass or fail the Npower work nation test does not means you will not receive your monthly Npower stipends. Npower payments will still be sent to you not minding the outcome of the assessment test, however, the test is to help you get selected for the Npower Exit Programme also known as Npower NEXIT.

What is Npower Work Nation?

Work Nation is a talent/skills acquisition program that helps develop talent. It is also linked to opportunities across the country to ensure that the alarming rate of unemployment in Nigeria is curbed.

The Worknation program will train and connect the happy Npower C1 recipients to many opportunities around the world.

All Npower C1 receivers should check their instrument panel. If “WORK NATION” appears on your dashboard, take the test and wait patiently for the selection stage.

During this work-nation testing period, you must ensure that your details are entered correctly and avoid incorrect entry as much as possible.

The Federal government in conjunction with WORK NATION has taken a unique demand-driven and proactive approach to bridging Africa’s talent gap and meeting global workplace needs.

If you are a batch C stream 1 candidate and you saw the work nation display tab on your dashboard, congratulations, you won’t be thrown into the street.

Just like batches A and B, which were mandated on the psychometric test before placing in various ministries and departments, batch c stream 1 is coming with the same pattern but a different approach.

Npower Work Nation Training / Learning Test: How to register and Write Npower Work Nation Test

All Npower beneficiaries especially Npower Batch C Stream 1 (Npower Batch C1) are all requested to apply or register for the Npower Work Nation Training exercise to enable them sit for the ongoing Npower Work Nation Test to enable them to continue with the Federal Government Job

To all recipients of batch C1.

Training/learning activities for both graduate and non-graduate programs through the Work Nation learning management system will begin shortly.

In preparation for the learning programme, you will be expected to participate in the learning segmentation exercise. This will enable us to identify your interest and provide you with relevant material for your training.

Jobs Featured by Npower Work Nation.

  • Business Analysis
  • Customer Service
  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Management
  • Construction
  • Full Stack Development
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Aviation
  • Sales Management
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Data Analyst
  • Human Resources
  • Top Employers
  • Private
  • Government
  • Global

Note: According to Nasims, WorkNation is not mandatory, but it is necessary. Therefore, signing up is optional.

Npower Work Nation Test Portal

Work Nation portal for Npower Batch C1 is www.nasims.gov.ng. All beneficiaries should login to the portal immediately and begin their eligibility test online. As soon you have logged in to the Work Nation website, you will see a message pop up notifying you of the work nation test and you will be guided on how to begin the test process.

All Npower stream 1 beneficiaries are expected to write the test on the Work Nation website, if you have issues with access NASIMS work nation portal, all you have to do is to follow it step by step and we will provide you with easy steps to login to Npower work nation portal 2022 and write your eligibility test.

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Login to Npower Work Nation Portal

This section will detail login procedures to Npower work nation test portal. If you are among Npower candidates that are expected to write the work nation test, please kindly follow the steps below to login to work nation test website:

  1. Go to NASIMS Work Nation portal www.nasims.gov.ng
  2. Enter your phone number and password.
  3. Once the dashboard loads fully, navigate to Work Nation Eligibility Test.
  4. Click on the link to commence your Work Nation assessment test.
  5. Npower Work Nation test questions are quite easy to answer. You just need to articulate the various things you benefitted as a beneficiary of the
  6. Npower batch c programme. You will also be asked a few other questions that relate to your Npower category so ensure you prepare adequately for the test.

Candidates who will pass the Npower work nation test will be eligible for the NEXIT programme which is a package introduced by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management to assist the outgoing beneficiaries of the Npower Batch C programme.

How to Participate in Npower Work Nation Test

To participate or write Npower Work Nation Test, kindly visit: www.worknation.ng

Documents to upload for your Npower Work Nation Training

  1. You are expected to upload your ID (voting card, national ID, international passport, driver’s license, etc.)
  2. Latest passport photo – not older than 3 months
  3. Other relevant documents like: degree certificate, O’level, Professional certifications, birth certificate, LGA letter etc.
  4. Make sure the size of it is not more than 2 MB for each document.

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Npower Work Nation Training Test

After successful registration, the next step is to proceed with the Npower Work Nation Training Test.

The Npower Work Nation Training Test is actually asking you things about yourself and you should be employed and some things you benefited from as an Npower recipient.

Eligibility Test Questions & Answers

Npower Worknation Questions 2

Npower Worknation Questions 2

Npower Worknation Questions 3

Npower Worknation Questions 3

Npower Worknation Questions 4

Npower Worknation Questions 4

Npower Worknation Questions 5

Npower Worknation Questions 5

Npower Worknation Questions 6

Npower Worknation Questions 6

Npower Worknation Questions 7

Npower Worknation Questions 7

Npower Worknation Questions 8

Npower Worknation Questions 8

Npower Worknation Questions

Npower Worknation Questions

For further updates and information regarding the Npower Work Nation Test Portal, you can just leave your comment with us and tell us what you think about the Npower eligibility test and what your score was.

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